WHAT WE DO IN PARIS IS SECRET is one of the iconic fragrances of A LAB ON FIRE LA & NY Brand. The Brand debuting in the Parisian concept store Colette in Paris.  We created a special Day Bag in calf and a Tote Bag and imagined a story which take place in Paris to play with idea of WHAT WE DO IN PARIS IS SECRET..

After the dappled shade of chestnut, a narrow lane. After opening the windows, satin sheets. A passerby exclaims his love. Sunlight bounces off the neighborhood balconies. I’m going home after this dream. Unspoken, but not unknown. You don’t need to tell anyone—we know and, after all, that’s what matters. The lingering feeling of our skins touching. A sense of myself far away and entirely present.


Jim and Pam, 1971 — A passionate love affair that begins in the City of Angels and ends in the City of Light. Could anything be more poetic? Or so heartbreaking. Even when love dies, the love of these cities remain.


Top~ bergamot, honey, lychee
Mid~ Turkish rose essence, vanilla, heliotrope
Dry~ tonka bean, tolu, sandalwood, ambergris

Olfactive Family

Oriental heliotrope


Textured, warm


Dominique Ropion

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