Hélène Népomiatzi

Her motto : Give priority to creativity, the useful and the human
Her leitmotiv : Focus on a small number of models so as not to dilute the original idea
Her motivation : Showcasing craftsmanship and know-how
Her passion : To look for beautiful materials in stock to sublimate them

You think you don’t know Hélène Nepomiatzi, but you do.
Hélène worked with renowned fashion designers and brands (Karl Lagerfeld, Céline, Balmain) and pieces of her work was worn by famous models: Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista fell in love with gloves, shoes and handbags from her previous fashion brand, 31 Février (which received the prestigious ANDAM Award).
Some of her creations were also exhibited in museums in Paris and New York City (At the Musée des Arts Décoratifs but also at the MOMA and Centre Georges Pompidou with her collaboration for a bag designed by Ron Arad)
But today, Hélène Nepomiatzi wants to use her own name, to pay a tribute to her late grand-father, a silversmith who specialized in bags clasps. In her family, fashion is a tradition, and that is why Nepomiatzi had to become a fashion brand name.
Because she grew up surrounded by craftmen, Hélène is proud to continue the tradition of handmade creations. Her bags are all made by highly-skilled leather craftmen who mixed ancestral know-how with modern ideas.
Indeed, Hélène draws her inspiration from today’s world and society. Taking mundane details that surround us, she transforms them with a lot of imagination and humor.

Thanks to: Pascale Mussard, Marc Stolz, Stéphanie Cieslak, Sophie Mingasson, Noémie Boncourt, Julien Sérange, Ariane Saroufim, Emilie Desegault de Nolet, Olivier Jacquet, Frédérique Daubal, Morgane Le gall, Noémie Segretain, Pierre Marchal, Sophie Grégoire, Cindy Fontaine, Antigone Schilling, Roxane Tota, Zachary Lithgow, David Thomas,  Olivier Placet, Marine Charnin, Julie Lebigre, Camille Siguret, Taan Doan, Eric Montigny, my daughters, my parents, Martine et  François.