Creative instpiration

Believing in a very personal reflection in which the object, without being deprived of its primary function, is above all a piece of artwork , Hélène Nepomiatzi likes to rework everyday objects and explore the materials to give them a new soul, an unprecedented function.

Her work is characterized by fantasy and a great freedom in her creative approach. The codes are no longer constraints but elements to twist and adapt.

Her curiosity induces an important research around craftsmanship and raw materials to mix and assemble them in new ways , in cabinetry, mosaic and leather goods.

The taste for encounter, exchange and passion are at the heart of her creative process. The object then, by its atypical character, becomes a trigger for encounter and dialogue. It has a mission.

Her creativity is stimulated by the desire to highlight the richness of craftsmanship and reinforced by the excellence of artisans with whom she works.